Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today is a day where we Americans (which is the egotistical version of US citizen where we imply we are all of America) gather together with family and loved ones(used loosely) to celebrate…er…to honor…ummm..to worship a turkey?? You know what I’m not really sure why we do it. I would say it was to recall the event of the pilgrims giving thanks to the native-Americans for supplying us with the sustenance to rape and pillage their land right out from under their feet, but that would be a terrible thing to celebrate. We are supposed to secretly point and laugh at them for that. Anywho hope you all have a great holiday! I know I will, it’s a holiday where it’s socially acceptable to put rum in sweet potatoes…I’m so for it

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. THE most V.I.P. EVER on said:

    Anti-Taco Legislation?!?….Laser Guided Sock Weapons?!? Too much Rum in the sweet potatoes, me thinks. lol

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