The Zelda Rap Y’all

Hello all! I was suffering from a severe case of boredom an figured I would see if youtube could lighten the mood a little when I stumble across this masterpiece. The guys over at smosh really out did themselves this time lol. It’s brilliant, just brilliant! I’ve watched alot of videos that smosh has done over time but this one by far takes the cake. If your a video game fan and you enjoy this video, be sure to check out their ‘Pokemon in real life videos”! C’mon… you know deep down inside you still love Pokemon.

The Zelda Rap Y’all

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2 thoughts on “The Zelda Rap Y’all

  1. THE most V.I.P. EVER on said:

    K-G Cop, nice to see you back! This was too funny. I’m looking at Zelda in a whole new light now! * runs off singing ” wears tights everyday don’t give a damn what you say”*

    • KinderGardenCop on said:

      Lol you have no idea. This song has been stuck in my head since i first saw the video. Even went out and purchased the cd that smosh released lol

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