Beady little Beagle

Super busy today drinking off the family crap and shopping bullshit, but whilst I was out buying a “box of smallpox” to send to BadBabbler I ran across this little bit of artsy-fartsy-tartsy-lopsy junk. It’s a portrait of a beagle being washed completely made out of 221,184 nonpareil sprinkles. Forget the artistic talent, the amount of patience required of this alone earned it’s right onto my page. Joel Brochu, the artist, spent 8 painful months creating this piece, and Im gonna say that at least 2 of those months are due to eating of the sprinkles. Im kind of curious what he did when he was done, did he let a beagle lap up all the bits of candy in some artistic sense of ironic justice? did he melt it all down and forge a conical-candy nose for his Sheppard-pie snowman? It’s all quite the mystery like JFK or why I sometimes wake up with someone else’s pants on.

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