In Russia Ferris Wheel rides you!

Okay obligatory terrible Ruskie joke aside, this time they are actually doing it right. Moscow plans to build a monstrously-sized Ferris wheel (though technically it’s a observation wheel) to draw in tourism to the ice-cold wonderland of vodka. How large you ask? Russian large! 722 feet tall! That, by the by, would make it the largest in the world. The horrifically unimaginatively Moscow View Ferris Wheel is being designed to not only be the tallest, but also stand completely on its circumference, so it’s a spoke-less Ferris wheel. The Wheel will cost about 9,457,860,000 Rubles ($300 million) to build and will have a shopping complex and a place to sit in future-chairs to watch the Wheel. This is all part of a much larger ($4.5 billion) plan to drive tourism towards the Ruskie capital. Pretty friggin neat huh? But my guess is that the whole “spoke-less Ferris Wheel” thing is a cover up for what it really is…the worlds first passenger ship sized StarGate. So get ready to go to an Egypt like paradise on your next vacation on Cruiseline Russia oooooorrr be invaded by an extra terrestrial species.

See how Moscow View Ferris Wheel stands up against the crowd:


infograph by[Reuters]

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