Google upgrades the GPS

Google must be reading my blogs or something, because that post I did on interior GPS got there juices flowing for the next step in evolution for Google Maps, the indoor GPS. Now very obviously I don’t think Google started this because of my post, I know it, but that aside it is still just as equally sad and awesome as when I first heard of the endeavor. This system is designed to locate you within a structure and help orientate and direct you to your internal destination (that’s what she said….made me cry). It even has the uncanny(over-exaggeration) ability to locate what floor your on. The update starts as beta in Maps version 6.0 (availible now) and works on droid 2.1 or greater(Eclair, FroYo , Gingerbread, Honeycomb, or Ice Cream Sandwich) and launches with some of the more popular sites in large cities(full list HERE). But any business owner can request to add their layout to the plans by going HERE. Now you wanna know a million dollar idea? Be the first guy to develop an app that plugs into maps and puts POI‘s on sale and preferred items. Better be quick about it tho, because it’s gonna happen eventually and the new patent laws give the rights to the first person/company with a model in production.


Google official announcement:

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