Hoho! I was just sitting down watching tv when my fiance calls out “hey babe”, yes I reply, “you’re not going to believe this an iPhone exploded!” (oh man really?) Excited to find out who the poor brainwashed sap was that owned the iblow, I jumped up, and quickly ran over to see that she had found an article on yahoo saying that one had in fact exploded.
lol, roflmao, holy shit this is awesome news! As much as I despise any apple product in which ever shape or form this is yet just another reason why apple is SHIT! Apparently On November 25, a passenger on an Australian flight, looked down to find that his iPhone 4 had exploded, and was emitting plumes of smoke. WTF kind of crap is that? It was such a smart phone it new how much it really sucked and just self destructed. Yeah that’s what happened. I’ve heard of apple having battery issues before but this is just priceless. I hope you had insurance on that bad boy, and hopefully explosions are covered in your policy 🙂





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