MY Kind of Medicine

I’m going to be very serious and honest with you for just one second, When I saw this my eyes widened so much that my sockets dried up and I had to volley my own spit in them to moisten them back up. This clever little buggar is EXACTLY what you are getting me for Xmas (as well as this and this). This makes drinking irresponsibly so cozy and convenient! I mean just think of all the practical situations to use it in. At church: drankin, in the mall: drankin, at work: drankin, at some kids birthday party: drankin, in court: drankin, outside that hot chicks window: drankin, in the back of the police cruiser:drankin, back at court: drankin, in the rape cell at the jail: crying. If I dont have this by the time I finish the bottle of whiskey currently in my hand I’m relatively sure said bottle will end up up-side yo head boy! Get me another drink!

Can be purchased at the NeatoShop for a mere $20. I make at least three times that mugging people when I’m hammered, so it basically pays for itself.


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