Personal 3D printers

Remember a ways back when I wrote about this incredible novelty and practicality of 3D printers? Well this isn’t quite that, but it’s a step forward. 3D Systems, purveyors of all things 3D-print related, has released a desktop version of a 3D printer meant for classrooms or small personal businesses or something of the like. That’s not to say that you can’t acquire one for yourself if you can come up with the $10,800 to buy it. The ProJet 1500 is a multi-color application 3D-printer that does all the things you ever dreamed a 3D-printer could do….which I’m sure is not much (who dreams of 3D-printers?). By the way, the material isn’t cheap (looks to be $850 for a cartridge, and if it’s anything like the lifespan of a regular printer then God help you).I know I would get one tho, make my own chess set or a companion-cube. You would probably use it to make that unicorn horn-shaped “personal massager” you’ve always wanted. OH shit I just thought of a great idea! I’ll laze me up a mask and cane and attend a masquerade! And then I can bring n=plastic ninjas stars to throw at the butlers when they make my martini wrong….I’ll be so fancy.

The actual printer, attractive isn't it?

Make useless crap to send Mom for the Holidays!

demo of multi-coloring...and a cover for your other personal massager"


product page:

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