Executing Done Right

RIM recently fired two executives for being the coolest fucking execs I have heard of since Richard Branson. George Campbell and Paul Alexander were on a flight from Toronto heading to Beijing (probably to make shit tons of money while smoking cigars and getting “messages”) when they decided to unleash the inner drunkard they had been brewing since the airport bar hours before. They were rowdy, objectionable, flatulent, and basically all the normal drunk features. Needless to say all the other passengers on the plane quickly got fed up with the black-out drunk antics of the RIM execs (I’m sure you know what it feels like to deal with drunks, just knowing they are having so much more fun than you) and tried to settled them down with a slew of complaints and anger….if you know anything about drunks, you know this didn’t work. George and Paul went on bumbling about thru a yellow card(airlines give them to annoying passengers apparently, someone from high up watches too much soccer) and then thru being handcuffed to the seat, but it stopped there…..Except that it totally didn’t. The execs were still too much even when handcuffed, pushing the attendants as they walk by and shouting out slurred obscenities. The over-intoxicated duo had to be held down further with packaging tape, which they then proceeded to try to chew thru to get free (We’ve all been there….right??). They got so out of control the pilots had to re-route to Vancouver to drop the pair of with the Royal Mounties before continuing the flight. The execs were served with a suspended sentence, a $36,000 fine, and more than likely a killer hangover. A few days later RIM, after a meeting I can only assume was 30 seconds long, decided to fire the 2 employees as they were clearly unfit to represent the company. So lets all raise our glasses to the two executives that did it exactly the way we would have done, may their stay in prison be as but-rape less as possible.


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    hi blacksheepcodex.com-ers have a nice xmas to every one – matty mays

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