Guest Poem

Hey gang. I don’t have much time to post but I was in contact with an old friend of mine recently and she asked me for a favor, and I being the poise, yet sensitive gentleman I am, decided to acquiesce the madam’s humble request. It was a simple one, she had written a small little emotionally filled collection of words and she wished me to share them with the world. Now I don’t make a habit of doing this for people, but this is a dear friend and is in fact most of the reason I am in the position I am today to deliver unto you my mental greatness. Yes without her I may have not changed from the old writer I used to be and thusly there very well may have never been a BlackSheepCodex to fill your blank minds with insight and wonder, so thank your little asses off will ya.

The Passing of Time

A sigh escapes her lips as his lips brush the back of her neck… “time to get up,” he says..
the worst part of the day has arrived; his departure for work. although it’s a daily routine, it never gets easier. he hurriedly gets dressed for the day as she watches from bed. she can’ thelp but stare at his inviting aura as he pulls a shirt over his head. a smile stretches across her lips when hen leans over to kiss her goodbye. she never thought she’d find her perfect match.. and yet here he was telling her he loved her as he pushed her hair out of her face. i love you has never meant much to her.. until now. when he spoke those words, she could feel her heart beat a little faster. she waited til she heard the door shut to let the joyous tears run down her cheeks. until he came along, tears only stood for one thing & that was pain. he’s lifted that pain and healed her broken pieces. she makes no effort to wipe these tears away.. this is love… I knew.
Time has passed. You aren’t here. My how long has it been? I don’t remember when it tripped. What happen to those days when love was behind your eyes? why is there a ghost in my sight? I will teach you revive, I will teach you to recall.
sometimes i just wish i could pull my emotions/feelings out of my head/heart and show you them.
i wish you could feel exactly what i feel at times.
i wish you could feel the tears i cry everyday.
i wish you could always be the one catching those tears.
i feel insignificant.
i feel like i play a minor role in your play of your life.
i feel pushed aside; forgotten.
at night, i dream the same dream. i’m a distant memory. i’m a toy put back on the shelf. i’m the old model. you’ve given up on me.
i am shoved into hiding. i’m no longer there….
i watch from afar. you’ve moved on with your life. you’ve tried to forget me. you’ve tried to forget us.
it’s been a short time. but i’ve kept you with me. as i will always. ive kept pieces of you with me. in my heart, in my soul, i carry you everywhere.
you’ll always remain the star role of my play.

And there you have it. Favor done!

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